Specific date stories and funnies here…feel free to click on a name!

Mr. Big Hair
The Emoji Man
Down to Earth
Seriously Stupid
Temple 2
Temple 1

–Another Fucking Break–
Will You Convert?
The Chemist
Best. Breakup Letter. Ever
The Human Trafficker
Comfort Zone? What’s That?
Doesn’t Like Short People

–Dating Break–
You Smell Yummy
Brace Face
Whack Job
The Crapper
The Storm Trooper

–Move From Dallas to Houston–
Whack Job
likeomigod unplugged
I got married!
The Racist
Robbie the Third Grader
The Weed Smoker
Gobble Gobble
Wednesday Weirdos
They Say
Because I Said So
Get Your Dad!
Like A Boss
Jail Bait
Mr. Nice Guy
Messengers and Texting
It’s Been a Minute
Answer Me This
Bad Guys/Good Girls

The Pro-Lifer
Krimson & Kream

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