So I know I haven’t written about my 4.5 dates yet…but I’ve been extremely busy with work, making time for friends and family, making time for my health and figuring out what exactly is going on, and well, just living life.

I’m signing over my first born here…

“I, LikeOmigod, will try my best to write about those 4.5 dates when I get back from the Thanksgiving holiday.”

Since Thanksgiving is a time where many give thanks to what they are blessed with in life, I’ve decided to return the favor, LikeOmigod style.

So…what is LikeOmigod thankful for?

1. I am thankful…that I am an independent woman who doesn’t necessarily need a man to be happy.

2. I am thankful…that I have wonderful friends and family who care about me enough to call and make sure I get home from all of the crazy disastrous dates that I have.

3. I am thankful…that I have friends who will come over for “girl night” with wine and sweets to help me get over, yet a[nother] crappy douchebag.

4. I am thankful…that I have a big heart–one that, although keeps getting depleted by all the douchebags, one that keeps refilling itself in hopes there is real love out there.

5. I am thankful…that I have the sense for not bringing a guy like MovieFaceMark to meet my parents.

6. I am thankful…that I have been on all of these crazy-ass dates because when I eventually meet “the one” he’ll be awesome times bajillion and I’ll know when to appreciate it.

7. I am thankful…that I have a personal trainer who will help me lose weight after I pile on the pounds during Thanksgiving feasts. I had a talk with my fat cells and we’ve agreed to make all the desserts stay in my ass, while the rest of me gets skinnier. : )

8. I am thankful…that I have loads of charm to keep the dates AND the stories coming for all of you nuts out there who enjoy reading this stuff! ; )

9. I am thankful…that there are lots of men on this earth to date and make memories with (or stories).

and last but not least…

10. I am thankful…for those who have been in life, who are in my life, who will be in my life in the future…the ones who have helped shape me into the sweet, smart, funny, awesome woman that I am; the ones who encourage me, inspire me and motivate me to become a better person; and even the ones who encourage me to not give up hope on love.

I love you all. ❤

Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and eats lots of turkey!

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