So, I’m still on Bumble and my time on the app has still been entertaining. The 5’9″ guy got cold feet and/or decided he wasn’t interested, and I’m okay with that.

On to the next one, right?

The app entices you to continue swiping if you haven’t been on in while, and shows you ads that show you “just how easy it is to swipe and find Mr. Right.”

So…I’m swiping this morning. Yep, this morning…while at work. Because apparently you can swipe and find love, while filling your bowl with hot water for your oatmeal, or while you’re waiting for your computer to load. 🙂

Came across this guy today…and omijesus. Can someone really be this stupid? Or, is it that he doesn’t care?

“Looking for a third to join me and the wife for some no strings adult fun. You will be the center of attention. Some rules apply. Must be into back door fun. If this sounds like fun or just want to experiment then let me know. Don’t be shy with any questions and I will be honest with you.”

Now…I don’t really care about the information in his profile…b/c really…it’s 2017 and I am not a prude…however, I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to write in all his unique identifiers that:

  • Tell us his name
  • Where in Houston he lives
  • How old he is
  • Where he went to school, and
  • Where he currently works and exactly at what location

Alright Clifford.

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