Are big and bright….

So…I met up with “Temple” last night.

For the first time in all my life, I set a date for a Sunday. A day that I usually use to grocery shop, meal prep, relax, and/or just catch up on TV shows. I’m typically not social on a Sunday. But after eight hours of continuous texting on Friday, and a “I can’t wait to see you again–do you want to try and do something on Sunday?” I caved.

And just so we’re clear…no, his name is not Temple. I have changed it so that I’m not putting the poor fella on blast. The word “Temple” is just a city in Texas. 🙂

Temple and I met in a class almost three weeks ago in Austin. I actually attended the class with another dude…which is another story for another time.

Temple came late. He walked in with his dinosaur of a laptop and sat right down next to me. All I saw was beard: #swoon, and his U.S. Army hat with “Medic” stitched on the outside. As I undressed him with my eyes looked at him further, I noticed his black, fleece sweater with the American flag stitched into it, and some other patches. And then I moved to his pants. Don’t give me that look! Cargo pants. Lots of pockets, and then combat boots. He was pretty. Very, very pretty.

When our class broke out into groups, I think I prayed that I wouldn’t be grouped with the dude I came with. (Seriously, this story is just effed up.) And…I’m not religious. Not sure who the fuck I was talking to in my head.

But that shit worked. I was paired with Temple and three other professionals.

This class was a 2-day class, and the start of three more classes for some to complete a certification in Infrastructure Protection. This was my last class. Now it’s on to another certification.

Because of the room we were in, and the layout of the desks/tables, Temple and I had a lot of touching body parts most of the group time. And then at one point, I felt so cramped, I just extended my legs underneath his. When we were finished with said portion of our work group, he started to push back and ran into my legs.

Me: “Sorry, I have long legs.”
Him: “You have long legs, I have long legs. We’re a pair.”

But he didn’t realize my height until an elevator ride before lunch. This is where I caught him doing a double take, and honestly it made me smile.

Another thing that made me smile? The Astros winning the World Series that night!

So fast forward to the next day, before packing up and going home. I’m finishing up my test and filling out my evaluation form, and Temple slides his business card to me. I had switched purses before coming on the trip and of course, forgot my business cards, so I scrambled my information on a sheet of paper and handed it to him. He told me that it had been nice meeting me and stuffed my information into his pack.

I was the only one he gave his business card to.

So two weeks had passed and I finally got the nerve to email him. I knew he was into attending classes where he could learn more about EM, so I emailed him some information about a class that I’m attending in April, in Maryland. I also started the whole email with, “not sure if you remember me or not” spiel…because…well just because. I was nervous AF.

I couldn’t say what I had been thinking. “Hey, hottie with a body! Even though you mentioned you had a girlfriend in class, feel free to take this class with me in April, where you won’t be around her.”

Yeah…girlfriend. Jesus. I’m going to hell. I’m a man stealer.

But, he emailed me back that night, describing me in a few words and stating that I was his dream girl. Wait. What? He then also told me that he wouldn’t be able to attend the class, b/c he was being redeployed for an entire year and then going to some remote exotic country for training courses.


So I sent him back a message.

This time asking about restaurants in Temple, for a Thanksgiving visit that will be had this week. I didn’t really need the information. I mean, my family and I visit Temple every summer and every Thanksgiving and have for at least the last 5-6 years. I am well aware what restaurants there are in Temple.

But, he kindly wrote me back…with probably enough information to last me a couple of weeks there. I thought it was sweet. So, I responded to him…casually telling him that if he we’re ever in Houston… I told him I’d take him to eat sushi…because apparently Temple sucks when it comes to Asian cuisine.

And low and behold…he texted me.

Thoughts going through my head at this point:

  1. Still going to hell…man stealer
  2. I wonder what he kisses like

So let’s skip even further forward and talk about our date.

Oh…and apparently he is not with said girlfriend anymore. So…I am not going to hell. 

I know most of my friends will freak out when I say this…but what’s done is already done.

Clearly you have already figured out that Temple, lives in Temple, TX. Yes…We are about 3.5 hours away from each other. When he texted me that he wanted to see me Sunday, we made plans to meet in the middle, even though he offered to come down here.

I said yes and wondered what the hell was in the middle of us, except trees and big dually trucks traveling down TX-36.

Since we both have a liking for cold weather and hiking, we decided to meet at Lake Somerville State Park for trails.

I’m going to fast forward even more…and say that making out and cuddling staying warm, hugging someone and looking up at the stars AND milky way…is the shit.

My date with Temple was good. When he walked me to my car door, and kissed me good night, he told me that he owed me dinner.

I’m sure there will be another date to talk about.

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