Who knew “down to earth” meant finding someone who is “freaky.”

Since women are the only ones who can message men after a match has been made…

Me: Hey there! So how has the hunt been for said kick ass girl? (In reference to his profile and his search.)
Him: Still looking. [Frowny Face]
Me: Well, the pickings are hard. What entails being kick ass?
Him: Just cool, down to earth. The norm. Lol.
Me: Well that seems pretty easy standards, especially in Houston.
Him: Down to earth is hard to find. Lol.
Me: Well, you have to look outside the box.
Him: So are you cool and freaky too?
Me: I’m cool all the time, the latter when needed.
Him: You may be the unicorn I’m looking for. Do you date younger guys? (Dude is 30)
Me: Yep. I’m magical. Yes, I do.
Him: How are you freaky?
Me: [Unmatch]

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