Don’t worry (guys-out-there-who-are interested-in-my-awesomeness), I didn’t get married. But some guy apparently thinks we did. ;o)

Look at what I found in my POF inbox this morning. I’m not sure how the hell to respond. What do you think?

“After a rigorously brief overview of your profile, I wanted to let you know I have already married and divorced you in my mind.

Thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories… you will always have a special place in my heart.

your ex-hubby,



You can keep the beach house in Florida as long as I can have the dog and my DVD’s back.”

Um yeah. I’m not sure how to take this. Did he just give me a compliment? Did he just tell me I’m the scum of the earth? Comments anyone?

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2 thoughts on “I got married!

  1. I’m not sure how to take this one. Maybe he was just trying to be a smartass… or funny. Who knows, but I would take it as a compliment either way since he went out of his way to write something like that to you.


  2. wow, we’re twin souls! i got the same message on pof. looks like we can even use psychic powers (or just a search engine) predict what will happen next, up to 9 responses later:

    the first time i saw this i had a feeling it was a line. you get a feel for this stuff when you’re exposed to enough of it. i recommend getting familiar with the “pickup artist community” (Search “PUA”) to embue yourself with the psychic powers i’ve been blessed with. i think i’ll have fun and play with it; see if i can screw him up. lol. happy fishing! 🙂


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