when you stop looking, the guy of your dreams just appears in your life.

i think i’m going to try it.

it’s 10:55 p.m. and i have so many thoughts rolling around in my head right now: so many ambitious goals, so many career-changing ideas, so many what ifs, so many “oh gosh, did my blog scare him off?” i wish i could turn my brain off sometimes. it would certainly help out on the restless sleep issue.

dating is hard. finding someone who is your soulmate is even harder. finding out in the middle of looking for love that you think you want to change your life’s path…is just ridiculous.

i’ve always known what i wanted. at least i’ve thought so. i’ve always been the one to look for love. i’ve never been the one to just wait for someone to come along. i’m super fiesty, super aggressive, super impatient. i always go after what i want. and now i’m thinking maybe i should just hang back and chill.

if you’re married, coupled up, etc…tell me how “he” or “she” just appeared. and if you’re single and you’ve stopped looking, tell me how that’s workin’ out for ya.

i’d appreciate the insight.

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6 thoughts on “they say

  1. The classic tale of how good things appear when you least suspect it. It’s true.

    The woman that I’m with right now was actually my first girlfriend back when we were still in school. Obviously when you’re young, you really don’t know what you are doing so we broke up – it was a very short relationship. 9 years later and we’re back together. How’s that for a story.


  2. I’ve found many soulmates over the course of my life, and invariably, I would decide what I truly wanted was a solemate. The intellectual equal thing is overrated, and I’ll continue to date those over whom I can walk freely.


  3. I was DEFINITELY not looking for anyone when Brendan stumbled in (literally, ha)! The first night I met him I was mean and did everything I could to put him away. After that I’m pretty sure the first 20 times we hung out I told him not to like me and he said the same! Here we are almost two years later happier than ever!


  4. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now. Our love story is pretty typical, hardly any romantic scenes. I didn’t start out head over heels in love with him but as the years pass, I have grown to love him.

    He has totally consumed my heart now and he’s all I’ll ever need (blush). Don’t rush it; you’ll find your soulmate in the right time. 🙂

    Visit my blog too! Feel free to comment on the posts!


  5. I think you just concentrate on the other stuff and hope that it happens naturally. You’re still very young and have PLENTY of time for someone to land in your lap. 🙂 You’re great!


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