Just got an email from a guy (Snowboardkidd) on OKCupid, whom I haven’t even spoken 10 words to yet, and he’s already asking me if we can be “friends with benefits.”

Really dude? Does that line really work for you?

First-ever message.


My response: “Howdy.”

Second Message.

“How are you today?”

My response: “Great. How are you?”

Third message.

“Better, now!!!! :-)”

Fourth Message.

“What are you doing?”

My response: “Working. You?”

Fifth Message.

“I am off and bored. 😦 What do you do for a living?”

My response: “I’m a graphic designer for a hospital.”

Sixth Message. (Two days later.)

“I truly am not ready just yet for a “relationship.” Would you consider being friends with benefits with me until I got my head and heart cleared up?”

My response: blank stare

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