I know most of you are wondering when I’m going to tell the FUN story about Movie-Face Mark…but I really want to step on another topic.

Communication through messengers and texting (upon initial meeting/talking for the first time).

Ladies help me out here! When you don’t like talking on IM (unless you really know the dude) or on the phone (specifically texting), what do you say to keep the conversation on email (at least until you know said guy is not a dumbass)?

Because I seriously need a great comeback to “do you text?” Saying “yes, but not to you” just doesn’t sound nice.

Reason why? This fool.

random guy on my yahoo IM messages me today. the conversation:

him: haven’t talked to you in awhile. but couple of questions. you’re in your late 20s and tall right?
me: yes.
him: how tall?
me: 5’11”
him: yeah…i remember you from PlentyofFish. i’m a legs and feet man.
me: great.
him: do you have big sexy feet?
me: *clicks the x*

This is why I don’t typically offer up my messenger name or phone number to text right off the bat. But so many friggin’ guys can’t stand to write a couple of sentences and get to know someone. Just today a guy that I winked at, IMed me today and asked if I texted. Duh…but do I want to text someone I don’t know that well? You could turn out to be an ass…and that would mean I’d just be giving out my number to another idiot. Um no.

I think I am going to start a no IM/no text policy for at least a week. If you can’t keep my interest with a few emails for at least a week, you don’t deserve my phone number.


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