Sunday was Valentine’s Day. A day I usually deem, “Single’s Awareness Day.”

And every year on this chocolate, stuffed animal and flower-induced holiday, I usually refer to myself as the person who is as single as a Kraft American piece of cheese. I have never, EVER had a “Valentine” on the actual date , or even a Valentine’s Day “date” for that matter.

But Sunday was different. On Sunday, I had my first ever Valentine’s Day date. And a first date at that.

While I typically write about all of the horrendous dates I go out on, I’d like to dedicate this blog to all of the great guys out there, whether they are married, in a relationship or are single and looking for their other half.

I will call this guy Mr. Nice Guy. 🙂

We emailed back and forth and bonded over Secret Agent Spy talk and Ferrero Rocher candies which he calls Golden O’s (you know…like the real “o” thing, but only 5 seconds of chocolate bliss). Anyways…did I mention that he bought me the Rocher Collection?

While I’ve always thought Valentine’s Day was just a fluff way for women to con men into thinking that gifts had to be given on V-Day or else–his gesture of candy, funny cards and green tea (my fav) really made my heart skip.

And the Secret Agent Spy talk? All me. I couldn’t not create a Job Profession Title without being a little sarcastic. And besides everyone loves a secret spy! When has anyone ever said that they didn’t like Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig?


Anyways, our first date consisted of eight continuous hours of video game playing and I loved it! Yep! That’s right. From 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., we bonded over Nintendo 64’s Super Mario and James Bond’s Golden Eye 007 and Super Nintendo’s Super Mario World, Super Mario 3 and Donkey Kong. 

Plus…I made him my delicious mint chocolate chip cookies–after of course, telling him that it was like having mint chocolate chip sex in your mouth. He liked them. I liked the Golden O’s. What a pair!

Anyways…if I wrote about the entire date and the next-day Monday date that we had…this blog would be really long and I want to get to the point. He really is THE Mr. Nice Guy. And what’s crazy is that being with him, made me realize that having someone like this in your life is what it’s like for all of the happy married couples and people in happy relationships. It finally donned on me that I should expect nothing less.

Although I’m not really sure how Mr. Nice Guy feels about me, if he’s not romantically interested, I hope we’ll at least stay friends…because gals…he’s one of the good guys and it can’t hurt to keep someone like that in your life.

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