I have a new theory.

Men are stupid.

Case in point…

Brace Face

Back in June, I met a guy we’ll call Brace Face or…Bradley, which was his real name. Brace Face seems to fit him so much better though.

Bradley Brace Face and I met online and we seemed to really click. We had a ton in common: we both were DJs on the radio, we liked the same music, we were brought up the same way, etc. We were so similar in fact that we liked the same movies, the same foods, the same restaurants, the same cities, the same underwear…just kidding.

Our phone conversations even seemed to last for a lifetime. We’d talk and laugh for hours and then text each other throughout the day. So…like any new online prospective men and women looking to ignite a spark…we planned a date at Chuy’s one Friday evening.

And that’s when all hell broke lose.

(And yes…I realized that he had braces before I went out on a date with him.)

As it turns out, Brace Face is highly impatient. He asked me to meet him at Chuy’s at 7 p.m. When I was pulling up, he was walking inside. When I walked inside, he greeted me with silence and a head nod. I said “hey” and he pointed to the corner for us to wait. WTH?

The mood was tense. I tried lightening up the conversation by asking him how his day was and he responded with “crappy.” Really?

I noticed some stitches on the side of his head and asked if he had hit his head and he became angry telling me that he had to have a cancerous mole removed. I told him I was sorry and he just rolled his eyes.

As we stood there, he became more and more impatient and finally, asked if we could eat somewhere else and mentioned that he hated waiting. Seriously? What planet of “life-is-easy” did he live on? And why the hell did he pick Chuy’s of all places for the date, if he hated waiting. I have NEVER, never ever, been to a Chuy’s that I didn’t have to wait to get a seat.

As we left the restaurant, he asked me to meet him at another restaurant a few blocks away. Heading to his car, he promptly yelled over his shoulder that I could follow him.

Even though I wanted to yell, “fuck you,” like a nerd, I went to my car and got in. And as soon as I did, I got the text.

“Hey…I think I’m just going to go home. I hope you have a good night.”

Really dude? You just wasted my time and energy via text message? Stupid.

A Great Man

What angers me even more about THIS date, is that I just lost my uncle to cancer in July. He was a GREAT man. Sincere, intelligent, loyal and sweet. Never in his entire life, would he ever be as disrespectful as Brace Face was to me and it saddens me that my aunt is without her best friend and yet, there are men like Bradley out there, who have been given a second chance at life and this is how they use it…

Team Edward

And men wonder why so many women go ga-ga for Edward Cullen. In the Twilight book and movies, he portrays an old fashioned soul who takes his time, who courts Bella, who doesn’t move fast without her permission, who waits to kiss her…who waits period…out of respect.

I realize we’re not living in the 1920s, but I think it would be awesome if it were mandatory that men take a class How to Treat Women 101 and receive their diploma before they can start dating.

Now, maybe I’m drifting into “Planet Life-is-Easy.”

Men at Work
And if it’s not stoopid guys on dates…it’s just stupid guys in general.

I work in a hospital and sometimes see the most ridiculous things. More ridiculousness from employees, more so than patients.

Case in point…

Just the other day, a MAN, in scrubs, obviously an employee, came out of the 1-person bathroom eating a chocolate bar. The wrapper was ¾ of the way down of the candy bar and here he was chewing, eating chocolate, having just been in a room with a toilet. Gross.

An hour later, I saw another dude, take his sandwich into the restroom too. Now granted, his sandwich was in a plastic container and wrapped…but just…gross.


Men in General
Let’s also take into account, men who are not our dates and men who are not employees at our jobs. How about the men who come into our everyday lives? The AT&T guy for example. Actually, my AT&T guy. The one that I had to deal with a couple of weeks ago, for instance.

Two weeks ago, on a lovely Monday, my Samsung Captivate died, sporting a LogsProvider Error. I couldn’t access ANYTHING. During my 1-hour lunch break; I jetted over to the local AT&T center on 59 hoping to get my phone repaired. I was assured on the phone that it could be fixed in their warranty center, even though my phone was already a year old. Ha! What a big lie.

When I got there, I was met by this over-eager guy named Saul. I just knew he was going to take up a ton of my time.

After hearing his ridiculous sales pitch, I ended up having to buy a new phone. What bugs me the most, was that even after I asked him specific questions that I knew, he couldn’t add anything extra to, he still didn’t answer my questions, beat around the bush and just pissed me the hell off. And I think he knew it too.

Then what was even more infuriating was that once I had already swiped my card, agreed to the charges, etc…I had to listen to his 10-minute summary of how he thought he did (as in customer service) and asked me to give him a high score since he met all of my needs, etc. I couldn’t sign for the charge, I couldn’t leave…I couldn’t go ANYWHERE until I agreed to take his stupid survey. WTF!

Mr. Music
And don’t get me started on my casual guy Mr. Music. I haven’t seen him in awhile, because frankly…eh…I’m just over that. He was a little too clingy and a little too needy and that wasn’t what I was looking for.

About a month ago…I got a text, with his address. Immediately, I knew what had happened. Since he wasn’t getting ‘it’ from me…he was going elsewhere. Which was completely fine. What was ridiculous is that he lied to cover up his tracks, as if I’d care.

Me: “Uh…I think you sent this to the wrong woman. Have a fun night with her.”
Him: “That’s what you think? That I’m talking to another woman?”
Me: “I could care less if you are…but be real about it and don’t be defensive.”
Him: “You just don’t trust anyone. I was sending you that text so you’d remember where I live.”
Me: “Dude…we haven’t spoken to or seen each other in a month…and I already know where you live. Lying is not a good look, and I’m not stupid.”
Him: “I’m not lying…I’ll talk to you later.”

Making me out to look like the bad guy. WTF! I would have respected him more if he had just been straight with me.

And Stupid was his name O.

Don’t even get me started on what has transpired with Ross. Part 2 is coming later.

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