How can someone who has so much in common with you be so wrong for you???

Just went out on a date with a guy who told me: his life story, why he can’t get a job (he’s trying for law enforcement) and why he can’t get laid OR keep a girlfriend.

To top it off…he asked me if i shaved.


Down there.


Maybe I should really think about getting a handgun license.


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4 thoughts on “Whack Job

  1. You seem to have gone out on a lot of bad dates. Have you ever considered that it’s you? There is only so long you can date “the wrong guy” before you have to admit that maybe you’re just too fucked up to date anyone…..


    1. And what? Having a guy jizz in his pants is my fault? And having someone drop their pants at a live event is my fault? I agree with you though. Although I’m not as “fucked-up” as you’d like to think…I am somewhat jaded and I take full responsibility for feeling that way. On the other hand, it’s not me…it’s them.


  2. Aren’t you supposed to know their life story BEFORE you go out on a date? and going on a date just confirms it??…


    1. Their life story? No. Enough about them that I don’t feel they’re in the serial killer category…yes. Apparently, he was good at hiding it.


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