Boy has it. So much has happened in my life in the year and some months that I haven’t written. I’ve gone on a few dates…nothing serious. But enough to make me actually STOP dating and delete every profile I’ve ever filled out.

I kid you not. I’m done dating. And I don’t want to date…which is the main key word.

When I actually have the time to sit down and update you on The Storm Trooper, The Human Trafficker, The Racist, The Serial Killer (he wasn’t really a serial killer), Latrine and a few others…I’ll let you know.

Until then…I can honestly say that I am living a GREAT life and I am a VERY happy girl without men.

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One thought on “Been A Long Time

  1. i think i know what you talking about, but atleast get someone to love, the who will don’t just fall inlove with you. But someone who will pick you up when you have fallen.


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