I've gone on plenty of dates (now) worth mentioning, I've heard plenty of stories from friends, which are not only great, but help me remember other crappy dates that I've had...also worth mentioning...but LikeOmigod has been slipping. So here...let's just start all over. Let's start with a douchebag. Or two. Or three.

Don’t Worry

That and Mr. NiceGuy turned into Mr. DoucheBag and that left me wondering if I'd ever be able to tell the difference between "a nice guy" from a "I'm-really-just-a-douchebag-charmer-but-I-play-nice-for-about-amonth-or-so-while-you-fall-for-me-and-then-show-my-true-colors-and-turn-into-Mr.Asshole."

age ain’t nothin’ but a number…yeah right!

Anyways...being the sweetheart that I am, I kindly wrote the poor guy a message stating that while I was very flattered, I would not be able to date him, as he was too young, and wished him luck on his endeavors of finding the one.