Everyone has been asking me if I’ve had any hot dates lately or if I’m going to be blogging anytime soon and truth is, I’ve been in a writing funk. I know it’s been awhile since my last entry. I’ve also had no dates…well, no dates worth writing about…

I went out with a guy named Matt a month ago and while we got along pretty well and he introduced me to my new favorite Mexican food place, the Taco Stand, at the end of the night, it got all sorts of awkward and the date ended up like the Rib Guy date (confusion as to how to end the date when ‘he’ drops you off, while sitting in the car).

I mean sure, I’ve had plenty of blog topics to write about, but with freelance, a busy schedule filled with meetings, interviews and social networking, and the ever-so-changing treatments for my craptastic health–I’ve been left without energy to put my heart into anything creative…i.e., writing about my dating experiences.

That and Mr. NiceGuy turned into Mr. DoucheBag and that experience left me wondering if I’d ever be able to tell the difference between “a nice guy” from a “I’m-really-just-a-douchebag-charmer-but-I-play-nice-for-about-amonth-or-so-while-you-fall-for-me-and-then-show-my-true-colors-and-turn-into-Mr.Asshole-……-ta-da!”


I guess this blog is just a “hey guys, don’t worry, I’m still alive” blog.

You never know…I might blog again sometime this week.

Actually, you can bet on it.

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One thought on “Don’t Worry

  1. Girl, I now speak from 37 years experience when I say,”When a guy is into you, there is NO guesswork!” I made excuses for lukewarm “nice guys” for years – even dated one on and off for over 10 years! When you meet the right one, wild horses won’t keep him from you, and you will not wonder! You deserve the best! 🙂


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