So...I broke up with the "Don't Know What to Do" guy. Instead of calling him The Last Guy, I think I'm going to have to rename him Failure To Launch. That's a whole other story for another day. Another guy has asked me out recently and his name is "John." I have had all the … Continue reading Update

Happy 31

Happy 31st Birthday to me! I rang in the new (birth) year last night, with a great friend over dinner and afterwards, spent an hour on the phone with a guy that I'm really interested in. Let's hope our first date this Friday is rad. If not, lets hope it'll be interesting enough to blog … Continue reading Happy 31

It’s Complicated

When I used to cry my eyes out over some douchebag that hurt me back in the day...I was secretly wishing that I'd become this cold-hearted bitch that could set aside my emotions and just sex it up, having fun. My friends were doing it...why couldn't I?

The Backseat of My Car

He grabbed the side of my face and put his other hand around my neck and moved in for the kill…only to move around like a sloppy fish…or like someone doing the electric head slide.