Ross From Friends

I just kissed Ross from Friends! Well...not David Schwimmer, but a guy who looks very similar. Met a Guy from OKCupid and our date was interesting. I'm unsure of him...unsure of the date and totally unsure of his characteristics. Did I mention I totally just made out with Ross from the parking lot of … Continue reading Ross From Friends

Happy 31

Happy 31st Birthday to me! I rang in the new (birth) year last night, with a great friend over dinner and afterwards, spent an hour on the phone with a guy that I'm really interested in. Let's hope our first date this Friday is rad. If not, lets hope it'll be interesting enough to blog … Continue reading Happy 31

The Backseat of My Car

He grabbed the side of my face and put his other hand around my neck and moved in for the kill…only to move around like a sloppy fish…or like someone doing the electric head slide.

Don’t Worry

That and Mr. NiceGuy turned into Mr. DoucheBag and that left me wondering if I'd ever be able to tell the difference between "a nice guy" from a "I'm-really-just-a-douchebag-charmer-but-I-play-nice-for-about-amonth-or-so-while-you-fall-for-me-and-then-show-my-true-colors-and-turn-into-Mr.Asshole."