I see London, I see France

I don't even know where to begin. My dating life is just the same as it's always been, you know, since the last time I wrote. 1) Crazy 2) Full of weirdos 3) Funny stories to keep all of YOU entertained 4) and ONLY first date qualifiers. I swear I’m only 2.5 dates away from becoming a nun. A gay nun. Sigh.


I've gone on plenty of dates (now) worth mentioning, I've heard plenty of stories from friends, which are not only great, but help me remember other crappy dates that I've had...also worth mentioning...but LikeOmigod has been slipping. So here...let's just start all over. Let's start with a douchebag. Or two. Or three.

Because I Said So

But I do have to hand it to her though. In high school, she found my senior prom date. Yes. There's no need to comment...I was awkward and a complete nerd and there were no guys lining up at my front door waiting to take me out.