Hmm. A deep-country and cajun--accented, Louisiana boy who is old fashioned and believes in talking on the phone instead of texting, and believes in getting to know someone slowly. And he can cook? Boy #2. More to come. [Click here to go back home.]

Ross From Friends

I just kissed Ross from Friends! Well...not David Schwimmer, but a guy who looks very similar. Met a Guy from OKCupid and our date was interesting. I'm unsure of him...unsure of the date and totally unsure of his characteristics. Did I mention I totally just made out with Ross from Friends...in the parking lot of … Continue reading Ross From Friends

It’s Complicated

When I used to cry my eyes out over some douchebag that hurt me back in the day...I was secretly wishing that I'd become this cold-hearted bitch that could set aside my emotions and just sex it up, having fun. My friends were doing it...why couldn't I?

Been A Long Time

Boy has it. So much has happened in my life in the year and some months that I haven't written. I've gone on a few dates...nothing serious. But enough to make me actually STOP dating and delete every profile I've ever filled out. I kid you not. I'm done dating. And I don't want to … Continue reading Been A Long Time