The Onion

I am sitting here writing this blog, as I hear my window screens flutter in the wind. The cold front that was supposed to hit the Houston area, has finally settled and It. Is. Great! I love me some sweater weather! I have to warn my readers, new and old, that during my 4-year dating … Continue reading The Onion


Pretty sure I met the last man I'll ever date in my FEMA Infrastructure Protection class when I was in Austin a couple of weeks ago. Or, maybe I'd just like to think this. Update 11/20/17: So...maybe not the last man I'll ever date...seeing as he's going overseas in February...but there's definitely something there. We … Continue reading Temple

I’m Back!

For the past few months, my friends have been gently telling me that I need to put myself out there again, and get back to dating. You know. Because I'm a catch and all. "Just try online dating again...try Bumble" they said. If they only knew I've now joined with a little hesitation, but an … Continue reading I’m Back!


So...I broke up with the "Don't Know What to Do" guy. Instead of calling him The Last Guy, I think I'm going to have to rename him Failure To Launch. That's a whole other story for another day. Another guy has asked me out recently and his name is "John." I have had all the … Continue reading Update