So on my (P), (O) and (Z) profiles, I have noted that to email me, one must be intelligent AND have an education, preferrably in a Bachelors- or Masters-like package. This is what I wrote: 

“Don’t email me if:
1) …you don’t have a degree (Bachelors or higher). This really has nothing to do with smarts and more with ambition. If you plan on emailing me about how you stand out from the rest b/c you make more money or you’re smarter (but can’t spell to save your life), you’re WPM skills will go unnoticed. I want you to be educated, just like you want someone to be skinny, attractive, etc. **working towards a degree is acceptable.**”

Too harsh?

Well then please read the following stupidity (emails I’ve actually gotten from men):

Weirdo #1
“Your adorable so adorable!!!!! sh*tin factthat I’ve decided im going to adopt you as my newLiL sister. Don’t worry, we’ll spend all our timetogether climbing trees and drinking KooL-@iD. Actually you seem like a pretty cool ASS person, I’d loveto get 2gether sometime and let you cook and watch a movie!Wait! You anit crazy r you?”

Weirdo #2
“im a fun guy to have around u . im lay back. i collect house and car i like all kind of music i want to make more money have my succes so the girl in my life will not have to work and like to ride in nice thing you will be cheat like royal with me that all.”

Weirdo #3
“To many of the women on here have to high a standers, like urself and your wanting a man to haev a degree. So I’ll keep this simple I do not sugar coats things I tell it how I see it. I may not have looks ,but I’m honest I do not cheat and I’m the same old ***hole you pick up at the bar that will treat you like shit. But if you are look for some great looking guy that will cheat on you and treat you like sh*tby all means go head. I grew up in a small west Texas town (I’m not a big fan of crowd places) and moved to the Dallas area to accept a job offer. (I bought house so now I’m kind of of stuck here prefer Austin if I had my chose) Took a position on night shift and it has severely limited my social opportunities. Would love the chance to explore the greater aspects that this area has to offer, but I need a tour guide. It doesn’t take much to impress me, good conversation, a goofy joke or two, maybe a fun game of darts or pool. My space is cllnighthalk All in all I’m a pretty simple guy with a pretty simple life.”

Weirdo #3’s Idea of a First Date
“Some where quite and scenic park or garden some where one may talk and escape all the noise of the day next some where to eat nice but not formal then some entertainment a movie or a play would be cool. finally we just call it a night and I go home”

Do I even need to write an explanation here? I think not.

Lesson #2: First Impressions Are Everything. No Seriously, They Are.

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One thought on “first impressions are everything

  1. Clearly, these folks did not understand your requirement specifying that they have the ability to spell and form complete sentences. Lol! This is ri-damn-diculous.


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