So I’m at a bbq last night with friends and we’re talking about how dating is so shitty these days. All of the single women are stating that there are no good men left and one of the guys yells out “dating is easy”.

Really? From what standpoint?

He says that guys are really simple creatures and it’s women who make everything hard. He says…”Guys just want to get a beer and sit on the couch and enjoy watching the game with the girl. If she can hang, then she’s good.”

See this is a problem. Maybe not for the 5th date, but for the first date. Why? Okay first things first.

Say you’re a man. Would you want your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, etc…to go to a man’s house on a first date? A simple yes or no will do. If you say yes…you’re smoking. She doesn’t know this man anymore than you do. You don’t know what his “plans” are. So unsafe! Per my friend Bev.

Secondly, we’re women and we’re smart. We know what the hell a “drink and a movie” means. 

Offenders (Dates I’ve had/or haven’t had):
Name: Derick
Age: 29
Race: White
Occupation: Portfolio Analyst for BofA
His First Date Idea: Wine and a movie at my house.
Why this is bad: Who wants to date a guy who’s willing to give it up on the first night?
Outcome: This turned out to be a making out date. No I didn’t do him. And he didn’t come to my house.

Name: Paul
Age: 25
Race: White:
Occupation: Professional Golfer/Golf Teacher
His First Date Idea: “I just want to do something chill…I’ve had a long day at work” so I suggest a really cool lounge. “Well how about a movie and some drinks at your house or mine.”
Why this is bad: Really?
Outcome: I told him I needed to wash my hair.

I don’t understand why guys think that hanging out at the house on a first date is acceptable. And talk about repeat offenders. (P) profiles are notorious for this stuff. I have read so many first date ideas that entail cooking for the woman. Cooking is all great and dandy and if you want to wait on me hand and foot to show you’re a great guy…fine. Just do it at least two or three weeks from now. I don’t need to see the inside of your house to see what a great guy you are.

I can tell you right now that the average independent woman who knows what she wants, wants a guy who can keep it in his pants and get to know her before anything else.

Lesson 1: No first dates at the house.

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