Well, 2012 has literally passed me by. It came and in a little more than 24 hours, will be gone forever.

I just read my 2013 horoscope for LOVE and I’m pretty estatic that 1) it was right on the money and 2) the outlook for 2013, looks pretty awesome.

Read what Yahoo! Astrology thinks about my Love and Relationships in 2013:

“Gemini. After enduring a rocky road over the past few years, where you changed your mind about love a thousand times and nearly gave up hope on relationships altogether, you’re finally ready to enter a period stability and commitment. The eclipse patterns are no longer turning your relationship realm upside down…”

Read the rest of this Gemini horoscope, here.

Maybe, I’ll actually find love this year. After all…2013 is a new year and that means a new life.

Here, here, to a brand new kind of love.


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One thought on “New Year, New Life, New Love?

  1. I’ve never been one to put much stock in horoscopes, although they are entertaining to read. My horoscope just pretty much predicted 2013 would be a dud year in the romance department–not at all unlike 2012, 2011, 2011, 2009, LOL. All joking aside, I like your enthusiasm and I wish you the best for 2013 and here’s to hoping for both of us 😉 !!!


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