So my mom and I were watching the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials last night on NBC, and as super hot, almost half-naked men walked around stretching their tight muscles, my mom shouted out, “Michael Phelps is single! There’s still hope.”

As hot as he is…I quickly stereotyped and went out on a limb saying that he probably only dated skinny women…which I am not.

Although I find myself going to the gym five days a week and getting in the pool on the weekends, I’m just not there…not yet anyways. =)

But my mom sort of cut me off. “He was in the news the other day, talking about how it’s hard for him to meet/date women who can deal with the way he eats and his workout schedule.”

First of all…”in the news” meant that she was probably watching TMZ or Entertainment Tonight…not MSNBC or CNN. Second of all…is my mom really trying to match me up with Michael Phelps? He’s a celebrity of sorts and I’m just the average girl-next-door from Texas.

But I’ve got him covered…

He needs to either date another swimmer (eh!)…or date a girl who’s trying to lose weight.

The girl trying to lose weight will appreciate the fact that he has weird-ass eating schedules and the need to eat healthy, etc. She’ll also appreciate the time he spends in the gym/swimming, etc. What a motivational pick-me-up!

Hell, I’d eat weird and healthy crap 10 times a day, and swim hundreds of laps just to see THAT body! Wouldn’t you? Hells yeah!

So here’s me reaching out…

Dear Michael…
You are one hunk of a man. And tall. I’m about 6′ and would be a perfect match for you. Let’s make this happen. -<3- LikeOmigod

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